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Why partner with DATA DeCOM?

DATA DeCOM has a unique combination of services that allows you to partner with one vendor for all of your installation and decommissioning needs. We are a licensed contractor holding both a C7 and a C10 licenses. That makes us a low voltage and a high voltage electric contractor. No need to hire another company for your electrical needs.

Our roots are in providing structured cabling and installing data centers. Who better to decommission your data center then the people who installs them? We are authorized to enter third party Data Center locations for the installation and removal of rack and gear. When decommissioning a data center the most important question is what happens to your data? How do you know that your data is protected until it is destroyed?

DATA DeCOM offers an on-site hard drive shredding service. Once we have removed your gear from your racks we pull and inventory all of the hard drives. We then put your hard drive into our mobile shredder right in front on you eyes so you can rest assured that your data has been completely destroyed. Once that process is complete we will provide you with a serialized inventory of all of the hard drives we have destroyed along with a certificate of destruction.

Now that you know your data is safe, what are you going to do with all of that end of life gear you have to contend with?

DATA DeCOM will provide you with a serialized inventory of all of your gear and then haul it back to our zero landfill E-waste recycling center where your gear will be recycled.

Stop the chain of custody at your doorstep.