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Datacenter and LAN Network Decommissioning

No matter how cutting edge your technology once was, all equipment eventually needs to be refreshed or decommissioned. At DATA DeCOM, our staff of highly trained technicians have been building datacenters and structured LAN networks for over 15 years. That knowledge makes us uniquely qualified to perform live environment gear swaps, partial decommissionings and full datacenter shut downs and removals.

DATA DeCOM holds both low voltage and high voltage contractor licenses, eliminating the need to hire multiple vendors to complete your project.

DATA DeCOM can also disconnect and remove HVAC systems and UPS installations, perform structured cable and patch cable refreshes, port mapping and do certified onsite Hard Drive and data storage shredding.

When you partner with DATA DeCOM, you partner with the only vendor you'll need.

E-waste Disposal

Once DATA DeCOM shreds your drives, the balance of the E-waste is transported to our facilities. DATA DeCOM uses a 'repurpose or recycle' strategy. Once devices and components are removed, we disassemble all remaining gear onsite and sort it for shipment to appropriate recycling centers. This insures that no hard drives are left in the internals of the equipment and that every piece of your gear is allocated to its proper green recycling facility.

Nothing goes to the landfill.

Hard Drive Destruction

DATA DeCOM is focused on your end of life data security. We prefer to come to your facility and shred your data under your supervision. You maintaining custody of your data holding devices and having them securely shredded in your presence is the ultimate compliance with data privacy laws governed by PCI, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA, FACTA and others.

We show up at your doorstep, inventory your hard drives and shred them onsite. We provide an inventory of all hard drives by serial number and issue a certificate of destruction that has been witnessed by our technician and a representative of your company.

We do not believe in the DOD wipe and resell option for your drives. Onsite shredding is the only 100% way to guarantee your data is secure.

We destroy - you are secure.

Low Voltage / High Voltage Deinstallation

When it becomes time to vacate your datacenter colocation or your entire facility, in most cases the landlord will require the removal of low voltage data cabling and high voltage furniture and machinery whips.

DATA DeCOM is a licensed low voltage and high voltage contractor. We are authorized to safely remove all cable distribution systems required to meet landlord's lease exiting demands. All tenant owned cabling and electrical whips are removed and safed-off leaving landlord owned cable in place.

Contact us for an evaluation of your requirement.

Datacenter and LAN Network Construction

DATA DeCOM was created to fulfill a need in our industry to securely decommission IT assets. But we have been building World-Class datacenters, disaster recovery centers and LAN networks for the last 15years.

Our project list includes Fortune 500 and Global 1000 clients and has brought us to every corner of the earth.

From design to commencement DATA DeCOM has extensive knowledge of your requirements. We work with global VAR's to deliver enterprise level solutions from a single location to multiple sites. DATA DeCOM's VAR relationships can deliver world class design as well as Enterprise level pricing for CISCO, DELL, HP, AVAYA and many other brands.

DATA DeCOM delivers and installs award winning structured cable distribution, fiber-optic backbones and advanced audio visual technology.

Complete Facility Closures

DATA DeCOM doesn't just decommission IT equipment. Our partners have 22 years of experience in the commercial real estate disposition industry. We can dispose of entire offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and most anything related to decommissioning. If anything has a reasonable value, we can find you buyers for all types of reusable equipment.

We remove office furniture and equipment, finding you a buyer or an appropriate recycling center.

We repair carpets, patch and paint walls, repair lighting, emergency systems, remove signage, perform roof repairs and anything else related to closing a facility and fulfilling your lease obligations to your landlord.

DATA DeCOM closed a record 29 facilities in 2014 alone.

Hardware Refresh

DATA DeCOM performs full hardware refreshes and individual component swaps in live environment situations. Whether you have pre-purchased hardware to install or are in need of a source, DATA DeCOM can deliver.

We work with strategic partners that can deliver competitive pricing at Enterprise levels on CISCO, DELL, HP, AVAYA and many others manufacturers.

Contact us for all your hardware needs.

Resale of Hard Drives and Data Storage Devices

The wiping and reselling of hard drives is very prevalent today because of the high resale value of an undestroyed drive. Some of our competitors advertise that they will DOD wipe and resell your hard drives, we at DATA DeCOM do not agree with this practice. We believe that no matter how a hard drive is wiped, some data can still be retrieved. This is proven by various news stories of data recovery including thousands of emails retrieved from a single wiped hard drive. Software is available for data retrieval and its sale and distribution is not limited to just trustworthy users.

DATA DeCOM will NEVER resell a hard drive as we believe that the only way to permanently and forever dispose of your data is the physical shredding of your drives.

We shred your hard drives, data library tape, VCR tape or any other data storage device at your doorstep. You never lose custody of your data until you see the devices destroyed. During the shredding process we will record the serial numbers of each device and issue a certificate of destruction witnessed by our technician and your company's representative.

Stop the chain of custody of your data at your doorstep.